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Ingenico Partners with Saygent to Revolutionize Customer Feedback 09 květen 2012

Ingenico Partners with Saygent to Revolutionize Customer Feedback

Joint solution enables retailers to engage shoppers at the POS to share their post-shopping experience on-the-go in real-time

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Atlanta, GA - May 9, 2012 - Ingenico (Euronext : FR0000125346 - ING), leading worldwide provider of payment solutions, and Saygent, the pioneer of mobile voice feedback, today announced a strategic partnership which gives merchants on Ingenico’s new Mobile Retail Platform (iMRP) an innovative solution to deliver invaluable timley customer feedback. Immediately after making a purchase customers are asked their thoughts on their shopping experience to better gauge their true feelings in the moments after completing their transaction via Saygent’s on-the-go voice feedback solution.

In today’s fast paced era of mobile and in-store retail purchases, merchants are continuously looking for non-traditional approaches to obtain customer feedback in order to make to better decisions on how to enhance the consumer shopping experience in their stores. Merchants know that consumers are no longer interested in taking the time for traditional surveys, that are often sent and conducted days or sometimes weeks after the purchase experience, and rarely facilitate a meaningful exchange of information. This unstructured and loosely quantified stream of information only provides merchants with a tiny fraction of the framework for making important decisions. According to the retail industry consumer reports, consumers are talking and have plenty to say about the brands that touch their lives. They eagerly share their feedback both in the form of negative rants and glowing raves on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.

In our regular conversations with top 100 US retailers, we constantly hear that today’s consumers don’t want to be sold. They want to buy on their terms and engage with the brands instantly using smartphones, tablets, and the latest devices at the point-of-sale,” said Thierry Denis, president of Ingenico North America. “Our latest Telium series multi-media capable POS systems combined with Saygent’s on-the-go voice feedback solution offer a perfect opportunity for any merchant to do just that - connect with their customers instantly by providing a convenient platform to share real time feedback. This creates a memorable experience for the customer and enables the merchant to introduce a valuable differentiator to enhance their brand and positively influence in store shopping experience.”

Through the Saygent partnership, Ingenico brings the merchant into the conversation in a way that is convenient to the customer and facilities a two-way conversation, which promotes loyalty and advocacy. By bringing customer feedback to the mobile retail platform, retailers:

  • Drive engagement by letting customers speak their mind which increases propensity to return while making the feedback experience as great as the store experience.
  • Make better decisions by understanding the “gut” feelings and emotional drivers behind a customer’s purchase.
  • Dramatically reduce customer effort to provide permission-based, immediate feedback as they leave the store.

Ingenico is revolutionizing retail the way SalesForce shook up enterprise software with Force.com, transforming the ‘Point-of-Sale’ into a platform rather than a closed solution, which tremendously accelerates innovation,” said Guy Hirsch, founder and CEO of Saygent. “We are thrilled to partner with Ingenico and help merchants make better decisions and motivate their front line employees through our on-the-go voice feedback solution on Ingenico’s open mobile retail platform.”

Currently, both companies are in discussions with several select merchants in the US about piloting the new on-the-go voice feedback solution in their stores in Q2 2012. More details will become available as the pilots progress over the next couple of months.


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