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Ingenico Newsfeed: be informed in real time!

We provide a RSS Feed to keep up up to date with Ingenico’s latest news. Click on the following link(s), and then follow your RSS reader software steps. You will be informed, in real-time, when your favorited feed is updated.

What are RSS files?

RSS files permit to aggregate and syndicate online contents

RSS files are free contents flows coming from websites. They include the story's title, a short description and the link to the entire story.
As a result, the latest information published on can automatically feed your website or complete your information sources even if aggregated via a RSS feed reader.

Using a RSS feed

Before you can subscribe to an RSS feed, you must first use a “news reader”. It can be:
  • Integrated in your web browser ie. Firefox, Safari , Opera, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 7
  • Attached to your mail client ie. Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook 2007
  • A web-based/online news reader ie Netvibes, Bloglines, NewsGator, iGoogle
  • A news reader application that you download and install on your computer ie. FeedDemon, NetNewsWire
Finally, you simply need to add (copy/paste) the address of the RSS feed into your news reader. As we publish new information on our website, the headlines of the feed you have subscribed to will automatically appear in your news reader.


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