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Case Studies

Veolia Transport

Ingenico & Amesys combine market-beating payment & ticketing services for Veolia

Case Study

Secure on-board , mobile payments, on trains, offer new ticketing services and implement a transaction management solution to centralise all transactions.

’All-in-one’ iPA280 mobile Payment-PDAs, i9500 robust unattended terminals, the Axis transaction management solution with integrated Amesys “Calypso” ticketing services.

User-friendly, on-board terminals with guaranteed ’always-on’ connectivity and the latest integrated ticketing services.
Streamlined transactions and real-time data visibility.

About Veolia

Eric BOULLAND, Veolia Transport

quoteThe combined expertise of Ingenico and Amesys has enabled us to provide high quality, innovative services for travellers. We offer them more flexibility through secure, on-board payments, ticket checks and multi-lane ticket sales."

Sylvain Rizzon - AmesysSylvain RIZZON, Amesys

quoteThe IPA280 is an innovative “all-in-one” solution with a user-friendly Windows environment unique on the market today. Its open platform has considerably eased the process of developing and rolling out the solutions requested by Veolia."

Veolia Transport is a worldwide leader in passenger transportation and sustainable mobility, present in around 30 countries. It posted revenue of €5.8 billion in 2009 and operates 37,162 road and rail vehicles, carrying more than 2.3 billion passengers per year.

About Amesys

Amesys is an European company leader in the development of hardware and software solutions for strategic markets. In the field of public transport, Amesys is supplying a complete fare collection solution, including central management system and software applications for sales, validation and control operations of tickets.


Veolia Transport needed to rapidly roll out a new three-pronged payment solution for the Rhônexpress tramway line connecting the centre of Lyon to St Exupéry airport. The aim was to deliver a premium, top-quality service to their customers.

They were looking for partners with the experience and know-how to:
  • Provide all-in-one, mobile Payment-PDA devices for on-board payments, capable of managing a variety of transactions in a single terminal
  • Supply a secure vending machine solution for ticket kiosks, tough enough to cope with the demands of unattended payment transactions.
  • Provide a centralised payment management system to streamline transactions from three sources; self-service ticket machines, on-board payments to ticket officers and internet payments. Veolia turned to Amesys to integrate top-notch ticketing applications. Ingenico’s Payment-PDA solution and transaction management system was the natural choice for Amesys.

An Ingenico global solution

To meet these challenges, Ingenico provided mobile iPA280 Payment-PDAs for use by on-board ticket officers and i9500 unattended terminals for self-service ticket kiosks, all interfaced with the Axis transaction management system.
The “all-in-One”, compact, mobile and rugged iPA280 Payment-PDA

1. The “all-in-One”, compact, mobile and rugged iPA280 Payment-PDA

It opens up a new world of on-board transportation sales and services.
Equipped with an in-built printer, an extensive choice of connectivity options including GPRS/ Edge, WiFi, and Bluetooth, it is fully PCI PED 2.0 and EMV certified.

The iPA280 enables Veolia to :
  • Offer its ticket officers an all-in-one, compact, lightweight payment device
  • Accept all payment types including Visa, MCI, AMEX, etc.
  • Guarantee the security of all transactions whilst increasing speed and reliability
  • Simplify receipt printing thanks to the in-built printer
  • Remain connected throughout the whole journey

2. Ingenico’s advanced Axis transaction management solution

Axis Axis enables Veolia to:
  • Centralise the management of all payment transactions from self-service ticket kiosks, on-board Payment-PDAs and the internet
  • Access online, customisable reporting tools
  • Ensure the secure management of transactions and communications

3. Amesys specific ticketing applications

Amesys was able to integrate specific Calypso ticketing applications into the iPA280, thanks to its innovative open architecture. Veolia ticket officers are now able to offer the latest in ticketing technology and:
  • read and validate tickets using contactless technology
  • scan printed tickets bought on the internet
  • issue and print on-board tickets on paper or contactless cards, whilst accepting bank card payments


  • Mobile, “all-in-one”, on-board Payment-PDAs: improving agents’ efficiency and customer services
  • Full asset and transaction visibility: in real-time, including cost of communications (via Ingenico SIM cards and GPRS connectivity)
  • Value-added services: including contactless ticketing services
  • Streamlined transaction overview from unattended kiosks, on-board mobile Payment-PDAs and the internet.


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