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Case Studies

Sanpaolo IMI Bank

Ingenico Wins Payment Gold at Turin Winter Olympics

Customer Challenge

  • To build a transaction solution capable of accepting national and international VISA cards to meet the needs of visitors to the 2006 Winter Olympics
  • To deliver a secure and fast system, able to guarantee accuracy and management of high volume transactions during the Games

The Ingenico Solution

  • 600 i5100 desktop terminals equipped with Aries GPRS modules, 100 mobile i7910 GPRS terminals and EMV application manages national and international VISA transactions

Customer Benefits

  • Successful management of over 11.5 million Euros worth of transactions, supported by immediate on-the-ground support to the Games organizers
  • Fully customizable payment solution allowed bi-lingual entry, pre-authorisation, and refunds
  • GPRS link to provide ‘always on’ functionality – a must for the Games organisers

About Sanpaolo IMI Bank

Sanpaolo IMI Bank and VISA International were official sponsors of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games held in Turin, Italy. Spread over seven locations and 15 different sporting facilities, the Games were attended by 2,500 athletes and over one million visitors.
There was a need for a secure and reliable payment infrastructure across the Olympic site: at ticket counters, in sportswear and accessories shops, at bars and restaurants, and in the Olympic Village.

The Project

Ingenico provided a three-fold solution: i5100
  • 600 i5100 desktop terminals equipped with the Aries GPRS module
  • 100 mobile i7910 GPRS terminals
  • EMV application which accepted national and international VISA cards and was customized to allow bi-lingual entry, pre-authorisation, and refunds
Ingenico was able to provide the cutting-edge technology solution that was required for this high profile programme, while guaranteeing fast and secure EMV transactions through GPRS ‘always on’ functionality. Indeed, the GPRS link was selected precisely because it was able to speed up installation and avoid the need for cabled phone lines - which reduced development and deployment time and cost.

The Ingenico Impact

Sanpaolo IMI and VISA were extremely satisfied by the results. 120,000 transactions, with a total value of 11.5 million Euros, were processed in three weeks.18% of the transactions used EMV chip cards and 68% of transactions used international payment cards.

The solution was extremely reliable and worked particularly well during busy periods, including rush days with peaks of up to 100 transactions per day, per terminal. In addition, Ingenico terminals look good, an important factor in customer choice.
Apart from its technology, a key factor in Ingenico’s success was its ability to respect demanding customer requirements such as short development times and multilingual environments. Finally, its service levels were unmatched in the market; Ingenico was available to provide immediate support for any payment hitches that occurred during the Games.

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