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Case Studies


A groundbreaking secure payment solution for unattended parking stations at Mexico City airport

Case Study

Integrate a fully secure credit/debit card payment solution into Meypar payment stations.

A global partner for Meypar: CAD30 (CAD30 UCR and CAD30 UPP) durable unattended payment modules, a customized application and transaction process, a secure hardware platform and dedicated software

Improved efficiency with fully secure card payment acceptance, optimal operating costs & revenue control

About Meypar

Mr. José Jaime Fenollosa, General Manager, Meypar MexicoMr. José Jaime Fenollosa, General Manager, Meypar Mexico

quote Quality, timely delivery, excellent cost/benefit, its incomparable guarantee, tracking, service, support, care and above all Ingenico’ s proven technology were the essential link for this leap toward efficiency.”

Meypar has vast experience in the manufacture, sale and maintenance of innovative car park equipment and parking meters. A market leader, Meypar offers high performance equipment, first rate management software and a modern technical support service.


Meypar was looking to roll out new efficient parking fee payment stations at Mexico City International airport, updating the previous cash payment system to a secure unattended card payment solution. Key challenges were to:

  • implement a fail-safe, fast payment process
  • comply with local and international regulatory requirements at optimal cost
  • reduce queues at the payment station by allowing customers to use a range of bank/credit cards
  • provide total protection and peace of mind to end users
Meypar turned to a partner with the payment industry know-how and experience to manage the project whilst optimizing distribution and operational costs: Ingenico.

An Ingenico global solution

Ingenico developed a customized application and transaction process based on a secure hardware platform and supported by dedicated software, according to strict local requirements and ensuring top-notch cardholder security.

In addition, it provided its CAD30 highly secure unattended payment modules, providing fast payment processing with magnetic strip and EMV cards, preventing data theft and cloning.

Unattended payment technology

Unattended payment technology is expanding, driven by the rapid growth of self-service and selfcheckout technology. For the consumer, unattended often delivers a more convenient, faster service. For retailers, the introduction of Chip and PIN has enabled a reliable method of verifying and securing cardholder data.

Ingenico is backing the development of unattended terminals that allow retailers:
  • increased sales and profitability
  • a greater potential for impulsive purchases and 24/7 'anytime' purchases
  • the option to integrate contactless, queue-busting technology


1. For Meypar customers: convenient, fast and secure parking fee payment

  • A fast, simple and secure payment procedure
  • Drastically reduced queues for parking
  • Easier payment for foreign customers without the need for local currency

2. For Meypar itself:

  • Providing a secure, faster service for customers at optimal cost
  • Improved overall efficiency and financial control
  • Optimal operating costs: eliminating the need to protect cash in transit and in parking machines.
Ingenico’ s global solution has already been rolled out in 9 payment stations at Mexico City International airport and thanks to the commitment and contribution of both Meypar and Ingenico dedicated project teams, is due to be expanded across Mexico to bring the convenience, security and speed of unattended solutions to shopping centers and airports.

Scheme of the Ingenico Solution for Meypar

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