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Case Studies

Kodak UK

Ingenico Provides the Blueprint for Kodak Kiosk Success

Customer Challenge

  • To offer a print and pay service which is easy to use without a retail assistant present
  • To provide a secure payment system to protect against fraud

The Ingenico Solution

  • The i5100 payment terminal, installed in Kodak’s Picture Kiosks, allows customers to make secure payment using Chip and PIN while awaiting prints of their digital pictures

Customer Benefits

  • A complete self-service experience with no retailer assistance required
  • Fast, secure payment reduces customer waiting times in busy retail outlets
  • Consumers making card payments spend more – generating greater profit for the retailer

About Kodak

When George Eastman, the founder of Kodak, put the first simple camera into the hands of a world of consumers in 1888 he heralded a new age of photography by making the process of taking pictures easy and accessible to everyone.

Fast forward nearly 120 years and Kodak is continuing its commitment to Eastman’s principles of ease of use and accessibility. Its partnership with Ingenico not only makes the printing of digital pictures a simple process, but also ensures a convenient payment process.

When Eastman came used the slogan “you press the button, we do the rest” he could never have imagined that it would one day apply to how Kodak customers would pay for their digital pictures securely.

With traditional camera film making way for an exploding consumer demand for digital photography, Kodak led the industry with the introduction of its Kodak Picture Kiosk. The self-service kiosk transformed the way consumers acquired prints of their digital pictures by making it fast and convenient while ensuring high quality.

The Project

As part of its commitment to customers, Kodak wanted to extend these principles of convenience and speed into how customers paid for their prints. And to do so, Kodak turned to Ingenico.

Ingenico incorporated its 5100 payment terminals into Kodak’s Picture Kiosk, enabling customers to make secure Chip and PIN payment while awaiting prints of their digital pictures.

Business Benefits

Kodak and its customers now benefit from a total self-service experience with no retailer assistance required. As a result, queuing times are reduced significantly - improving the customer experience, while Chip and PIN payment protects against fraud and gives customers peace of mind. Crucially, consumers making card payments spend more, which also increases the potential for greater profit for the retailer. Ingenico and Kodak are now working together to bring the security of Chip and PIN and the ease of use of the Kodak Picture Kiosk to retail locations worldwide.
Kodak is delighted to offer customers an easier digital printing experience, which makes it simple to get fast digital prints on the go. Ingenico will add to this experience by providing a simple to use, secure payment solution that our customers can trust.

Phil Cullimore, European Retail Printing SPG Manager.

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