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Case Studies


A breakthrough end-to-end data encryption solution secures credit card payments for Desjardins

Case Study

Secure sensitive cardholder data through a cost-effective, future-proof PCI-compliant solution.

A market-beating end-to-end data encryption solution

Cost-effective PCI DSS compliance, fast ROI, increased protection of brand image

About Desjardins

André Chatelain, VP Card Services, DesjardinsAndré CHATELAIN,  VP Card Services, Desjardins

quote In an environment where information security is crucial, Desjardins steps up to the plate once again with an innovative strategy that underlines the importance we place on transaction security for our merchants and cardholders.".

The Desjardins Group is the leading cooperative financial group in Canada, with assets of over $175 billion. It offers a full range of financial products and services including Wealth Management, Life and Property Insurance to its 5.8 million members and clients. Desjardins is one of the largest employers in Canada and one of the country’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures™ of 2010.


Securing sensitive cardholder data that undergoes multiple encryption and decryption cycles when transactions are transmitted to the acquirer is vital in today’s global marketplace and was a critical challenge faced by Desjardins. Objectives within the project were to:

  • Protect against security breaches and financial exposure in order to maintain a top-notch brand image
  • Implement a future-proof, affordable PCIcompliant security solution which could be rolled out quickly and simply, allowing Desjardins to focus on their core banking competency
  • Integrate a data security encryption solution on the existing Desjardins host system to minimize exposure and eliminate the need for a separate decryption appliance
  • Encrypt data relative to all types of transactions, including contactless, MSR, SCR and manual entry

An Ingenico Canada/Desjardins solution

In a joint initiative, Ingenico and Desjardins addressed these challenges through the development of a groundbreaking end-to-end data encryption solution, the only solution of its kind in Canada to provide complete encryption of sensitive credit card information, eliminating the exposure of card numbers at points of sale during the payment process.

This market-beating solution enabled Desjardins and their merchants to comply with PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), slashing the cost associated with eliminating security risks while simplifying and strengthening overall protection against fraud and data theft.

The end-to-end encryption solution was fully integrated into the Desjardins existing host system, maximizing security and allowing for data encryption of all transactions, regardless of how the card is processed. From the moment the card is read by the store’s PIN Pad, to the reception of the data by the Desjardins host system for authorization, the data remains protected. Card information cannot be viewed by store personnel nor decrypted by equipment outside of the Desjardins host system, maximizing the security level of every transaction.


  • Ease of implementation: a fast, simple and cost-effective solution to assist with PCI DSS compliance
  • Cost effectiveness and a fast ROI: a solution requiring no incremental additional investment with no per transaction fees
  • A future-proof, comprehensive solution: covering all types of transactions
  • Increased protection of brand reputation: through unparalleled end-to-end transaction security

What’s more, thanks to Ingenico’s commitment to maximizing cardholder data security within the wider marketplace, this new encryption technology is due to be rolled out on a wider scale throughout Canada, bringing added value to acquirers, merchants and clients alike.

Watch the demo on how to address data security challenge in your payment systems

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