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Case Studies

CIM Italia

CIM Italia and Ingenico Secure Gardaland Transactions

Customer Challenge

  • To deploy a fast and secure payment solution able to scale to support multiple locations
  • To ensure complete interoperability with Gardaland’s existing Ethernet network - and seamless connection to CIM Italia payment infrastructure

The Ingenico Solution

  • The Ingenico i5100 desktop terminal with fast Ethernet connection delivers a single, scalable electronic transaction solution

Customer Benefits

  • Over 60 Gardaland Park locations now process payments with credit or debit cards
  • The Park locations have been equipped with internal LAN so transactions can reach CIM’s VPN in a matter of seconds - even during peak times

About CIM Italia

CIM Italia (Centrale Interbancaria Monetica) is an Italian leader in electronic banking and payment systems. It has recently developed a new retail solution for its customer, Gardaland, Italy’s largest leisure park.  

The Project

The aim was to install a new EMV-based secure payment network in Gardaland Park. Payment terminals had to be connected to Gardaland’s existing Ethernet network in order to improve the speed and convenience of the installation.

The Ingenico i5100 is an advanced, powerful, secure and flexible payment terminal that provides a single solution for electronic transaction acceptance for retailers and merchants. In Gardaland, terminals were installed in restaurants, counters, bars and shops.
Gardaland Park now boasts over 60 stores where payments can be performed with credit or debit cards. These include ticket counters, restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, merchandise shops, and special attractions. They all now benefit from the speed and security of the new architecture.

The Ingenico Impact

CIM Italia chose Ingenico’s Ethernet-based i5100 terminals, which use the TCP/IP protocol to allow fast and secure EMV payments. The Park has been equipped with an internal LAN so transactions can reach the CIM authorisation centre through an ADSL router and CIM’s VPN in only a few seconds, even at peak times.
The Ingenico i5100 terminal is the first and most reliable Ethernet-based terminal to be approved by the ABI (the Italian Banking Association), which is responsible for the management of EMV transactions. While that approval gave Ingenico a commercial advantage, it was Ingenico’s ability to help the customer design and support this project that was the key factor in its success.

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