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Unattended Payment Technology 12 prosinec 2007

Unattended Payment Technology

Unattended payment technology is set to be the next big thing, driven by the rapid growth of self-service and self-checkout technology

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Previously the uptake of self service devices through unattended kiosks has been restricted by a lack of secure card payment technology. However, the first major deployment of unattended has been made possible following the introduction of secure Chip and PIN payment.

Before the advent of Chip & PIN, there was no way to authenticate a card or verify a customer's identity and the liability for fraud was with the merchant.

Now that integrated systems are available, retailers have a reliable method of verifying cardholders freeing them from the worry of being liable for fraud carried out with stolen cards. This will inevitably lead to a rapid increase in the number of unattended applications.

Backing the introduction of unattended payment solutions will be the global expertise of Ingenico which currently has 10 million terminals installed in over 90 countries, facilitating 100 million transactions per day.

Unattended means that consumers are able to pay for a multitude of goods and services without any contact with a service assistant. It is anticipated that unattended payment solutions will first be introduced at fuel pumps, DVD rentals and ticket purchase for public transit.

Unattended vending machines are already becoming increasingly widespread across the globe. Examples include internet access terminals, ticket machines, parking meters and machines, photo kiosks, supermarket self-checkouts, food and drink vending machines, bike hiring kiosks and much more.

For the consumer unattended delivers a more convenient, faster service, a broader selection of products can be obtained and the transaction can be made in complete privacy.

Cashless payment technology, brings even more advantages for unattended as sales can be increased by 20% due to the fact that users have no limit in cash resources. It also avoids lost sale opportunities. Finally, cards are international and currency calculations are made automatically – another benefit.

Advantages for retailers include the fact that unattended allows them more routes to market, delivers increased sales and profitability, has greater potential for impulsive purchases and purchases are unaffected by time constraints – they can be made 24 hours a day, 365 days per year

It is likely that in the future, unattended payment offers will take full advantage of the revolutionary Contactless technology, the ultimate in queue busting.

The unattended market is an Ingenico core business. At Ingenico, we understand the requirements of the unattended industry and are working to translate our secure card transaction expertise into this market in order to supply the best possible customer-oriented solutions.


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