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Ingenico delivers its one millionth iCT200 terminal 23 listopad 2010

Ingenico delivers its one millionth iCT200 terminal

Ingenico (Euronext: FR0000125346 - ING), world leader in payment solutions, today announced the delivery of its one millionth terminal from the iCT200 series. Launched in mid-2009, this new generation of terminals enables payments to be made anytime, anywhere, with a comprehensive range of wired or wireless connectivity options. This volume of products delivered in record time demonstrates the market suitability of the innovative Ingenico offer.

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iCT 200 SeriesCombining technological power via its Telium2 platform with PCI PTS 2.x certified security, the iCT200 terminals offer numerous value added services. The EMV contactless payment option certified by MasterCard PayPass and Visa PayWave enables payments to be made both by card and by mobile phone. The success encountered by this range of products is notably due to its adoption throughout the world by customers benefiting from its operational reliability and transaction speed.

Two versions of the iCT200 exist: the iCT220 - black and white screen - and the iCT250, which comprises a color screen for advertising, product promotion and customer interface optimisation. Moreover, the Contactless payment option significantly reduces the time spent at the checkout.

Recent successes encountered by the iCT200 include customers such as international store chains in Turkey, who use this product to operate multiple banking applications and loyalty programmes, and a Latin American acquirer, who chose the iCT250 and its color screen for advertising and product promotion.

Patrice Le Marre, EVP Ingenico Terminals, stated: 18 months after its launch, the delivery of the one millionth iCT200 terminal demonstrates the relevance of the Ingenico proposal and strengthens our leadership on our markets. This result shows that the strategy for constantly improving our offer of secure products to our customers is recognised throughout the world.


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