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Network Communication Controller (NCC) Blade, Ingenico’s Networking device design


The Network Communication Controller (NCC) Blade is the Ingenico’s Networking device design for large terminal concentration (banking, retail, etc…)


Ingenico’s Networking Solutions are designed to respond efficiently to any data and POS communication need and provide the additional secured connectivity you need. Designed to reduce operating costs and maximize your investment in existing POS estates, these solutions both enable the development of end-to-end transaction management systems.

The NCC Blade
is the last generation of NCC which provides a lot of new features in order to suit the requirements of today as well as those of tomorrow. It has been designed to ensure a smooth transition to the next generation of CPU board.

Combined brochures

CPU 004 (processor, heart of the NCC Blade)

E1T1 (next generation of ISDN PRI card)

IP Blade (Single CPU004 board dedicated to receive connections from any IP based POS - Ethernet or GPRS-)

Management Blade (main board that handles all the tcp/IP connection to the HOST)

PSTN Blade
(Dual modem card for the NCC Blade)


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